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  • Radical productivity gains in systems integration and test
  • Extremely rapid test tool development
  • View, edit and send messages in a human-readable format
  • Log incoming and outgoing messages
  • Create sequences of outgoing messages you can play, pause and stop
  • Write MiCL scripts to customize your emulation

About ArcAxis

ArcAxis is the market leading supplier of software which enables one to create, deploy and use a messaging interface emulator or monitor application extremely rapidly, with little or no software development effort.  The Mimik™ Application Suite was developed by an engineer with over twelve years of complex systems development, integration and testing experience.  Rather than developing one emulator from scratch per system, the Mimik™ software is a single application suite that can be configured with an Interface Control Document (ICD), enabling it to emulate most systems.  This application can be installed quickly so you can begin reaping  80% savings or more on your custom engineering test tools immediately.