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  • Radical productivity gains in systems integration and test
  • Extremely rapid test tool development
  • View, edit and send messages in a human-readable format
  • Log incoming and outgoing messages
  • Create sequences of outgoing messages you can play, pause and stop
  • Write MiCL scripts to customize your emulation

Introducing the Mimik™ Application Suite

The Mimik™ Software is a powerful and dynamic application suite that serves as an engineering emulation and monitoring test tool.  It can be best described as a “Universal Messaging Interface Emulator or Monitor.”

The Mimik™ Application Suite is designed to automate complicated test tool development tasks during the development of systems, devices or software.  Specifically, using the Mimik™ Software, an engineer can develop custom emulation and monitoring test tools extremely rapidly. 

Why is the Mimik™ Application Suite useful?

The Mimik™ Application Suite is by far the most advanced emulation and monitoring software available.  By combining the power of the Mimik™ Application and it's complement, the ICD Editor, engineers are minimizing their time required to develop custom emulators and monitors by a factor of 5 to 20.  By reducing engineering and development time, managers are reaping the benefits of lower-cost production, higher productivity, more competitive bids, and increased customer satisfaction, giving Mimik™ customers a powerful advantage over their competition.