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  • Radical productivity gains in systems integration and test
  • Extremely rapid test tool development
  • View, edit and send messages in a human-readable format
  • Log incoming and outgoing messages
  • Create sequences of outgoing messages you can play, pause and stop
  • Write MiCL scripts to customize your emulation

Rapidly Develop Test Tools For The Systems Your Organization Develops

These test tools can stimulate their system-under-test with incoming messages, and display/log/respond
to its outgoing messages. Alternatively, these tools can monitor the communications between the system under test and the “real” systems it communicates with. In either case, all message data is displayed in a human-readable format.

Generate Your Test Tools Using An Interface Control Document (ICD)

Mimik’s breakthrough in productivity involves its most basic, fundamental feature: its ability to read and consume an Interface Control Document (ICD), enabling Mimik to configure itself to emulate the messaging interface of the systems that your system communicates with. The ICD gives Mimik the ability to display message data in a human readable format, while communicating with the system under test in the proper binary format.

Instead of developing an emulator tool from scratch, simply define the ICD for Mimik to consume, and load the ICD into Mimik. This immediately gives you a test tool you can use to stimulate and monitor the system-under-test. For an intermediate-level user, it generally takes several hours to define the ICD, whereas it takes weeks or months to create emulation tools from scratch.

To learn more, download the entire data sheet here.