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  • Radical productivity gains in systems integration and test
  • Extremely rapid test tool development
  • View, edit and send messages in a human-readable format
  • Log incoming and outgoing messages
  • Create sequences of outgoing messages you can play, pause and stop
  • Write MiCL scripts to customize your emulation

Project Selection:

An ArcAxis  program manager can help you determine which of your  projects can best leverage the Mimik™ Application Suite’s capabilities. ArcAxis offers a free, no cost project evaluation program that will review your goals and project requirements.  Contact ArcAxis for full details.


The installation processes for both node-locked and floating licenses for the Mimik™ Application Suite are straightforward.  However, ArcAxis provides phone, web based and/or onsite support to ensure success and instant productivity.

On-site Training:

ArcAxis can provide on-site training to new users.  The most productive training method involves creating emulation or monitoring solutions with Mimik™ for a real live project in your company.  This enables your company to start making productivity gains immediately, before users are familiar with the software.  Along with practical hands-on training, ArcAxis will also describe the abstract concepts required to create and edit ICDs and to operate Mimik™.  Training in this manner can typically take a day or two, depending on the required expertise of the users and the complexity your project.  ArcAxis also provides a Train-The-Trainer seminar where a designated “Power User” at your company is fully trained and can serve as your company’s primary onsite technical resource.

Technical Support:

After your people get up to speed with the Mimik™ Application Suite, ArcAxis can provide remote and/or onsite technical support to them when they encounter problems or questions.  With your first project, ArcAxis includes 10 hours of phone and web based technical support at no charge.  Technical support is available 24/7 via web based support tools and live help desk personnel available 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday.  ArcAxis also provides a Mimik™ User’s Blog, which enables users to teach each other how to use the software and how to solve problems they encounter.


ArcAxis provides full documentation for the Mimik™ Application Suite.  This includes online and downloadable user manuals, tutorial reference guide and a FAQ section on the ArcAxis website.

Mimik™ Solution Development:

In addition, instead of having your people develop their own Mimik™ emulation and monitoring solutions, ArcAxis can develop your solutions for you.  To do this, you simply provide ArcAxis with an Interface Control Document (in a format of your choice) and a description of the solution’s messaging behavior.  ArcAxis will create your solution based on this information.