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  • Radical productivity gains in systems integration and test
  • Extremely rapid test tool development
  • View, edit and send messages in a human-readable format
  • Log incoming and outgoing messages
  • Create sequences of outgoing messages you can play, pause and stop
  • Write MiCL scripts to customize your emulation

Special Notes

Supported Protocols: 
The Mimik™ Application Suite supports the following communications protocols: TCP, UDP, MIL-STD-1553, CAN, J1939, and Serial.  The message formats you define with the ICD Editor define the structure of the payload these protocols carry.

Advanced Features:
The Mimik™ Application Suite has the following advanced features, enabling it to emulate or monitor a surprisingly vast universe of systems, software and devices:
  • Not only does the Mimik™ application serves as a universal emulator, but can also serve as a universal monitor as well, silently listening in on the communications between two or more “real” systems, software apps or devices, and displaying and logging their messages.
  • It supports advanced stream handling for TCP and Serial protocols, including streaming customization using MiCL if necessary.
  • It supports dynamic message formats – that is, messages that have fields that identify the format of later segments of the message.